West Texas Street

West Texas Street Gateway To
Heart of Fairfield California

West Texas Street is the first and last impression visitors enjoy coming to downtown Fairfield and the modern Solano County capital building.  It makes good planning sense to improve the entry to Fairfield.  The benefits from past and future downtown improvements will be more appreciated and noticed when its gateway is also improved.  It’s something like front curb appeal.

Fairfield California is revitalizing the gateway to the city center.  Downtown Fairfield will also be revitalized. City of Fairfield received grants to make the revitalizing of its center possible.  Studies are under way.  Please join fellow businesses and home owners in the Fairfield community effort.

Fairfield California city site www.HeartOfFairfield.com

Group Sharing on Twitter: www.Twiter.com/HeartOfFairfield

Help redevelop West Texas Street and fix downtown Fairfield. Let’s work together for our great town…!



Tell your views to Fairfield’s mayor Harry Price; and City Council Members: Rick Vaccaro, Pam Bertani, Chuck Timm and Catherine “Cat” Moy.