Fairfield Economic Development

Fairfield California Economic Development Is Happening Again!

The Heart of Fairfield revitalization efforts date from at least the 1990’s.  Many successes were achieved with more suggested:

Main Gateway Creates First Impression Of Fairfield’s Heart:
1. West Texas Street needs a median strip.  Leave room for turn way like with Fairfield’s North Texas Street and many other revitalized California downtowns.
2. Replace old highway signs pointing to downtown Fairfield. Cal Trans once offered to foot most of the cost.
3. Loans to help businesses revitalize their curb appeal.
4. Encourage businesses to plant more trees in their landscapes.
5. Many of these plans like the West Texas Street median strip have been developed.
6. Check back for more Fairfield economic development ideas to improve the first impression people get..! Don’t let a poor image be a visitor’s last impression.
7. Main drive to business center has much more to be offered.

Downtown Fairfield:
1. Encourage businesses to join the Fairfield Downtown Association with its friendly leadership.
2. Encourage more people to visit after business hours.  This intern will encourage more businesses to remain open longer, especially in the summer months.
3. Improve curb appeal.
4. Build off the great improvements made in recent decades. Fairfield economic improvement is shown to more than pay itself with increased tax revenue without having to raise taxes. California state has many grants.

Fairfield economic development builds on downtown being the mid point between downtown San Francisco and downtown Sacramento.